How your typical Commie thinks #edl #evf #mfe #sea

22 03 2014


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5 responses

22 03 2014
22 03 2014
Adam Ramoth

That has to be the most dumb thing ive ever read. Any contact details for this pathetic bint?

22 03 2014
Karen Nolan

Why doesn’t she just hang herself and have done with it? You can’t blame yourself for the things your ancestors did before you were born. A lot of white working class people suffered at the hands of these rich white people too, just as much as black people, don’t see her feeling guilty about that. Only the rich upper cl;asses have any sort of white privilege, the rest of us peasants are equally poor, whatever the colour of our skin.

23 03 2014

fucking disgrace, she could always move to Saudi to help her “Sisters” there

27 03 2014

I seen this on Liveleak the other day, the Yanks hate her women included, they said shes a Jewish race baiter! and she lives in a rich ‘white’ gated community, a self absorbed hypocrite.

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