Hate speaker Al Haddad in London tomorrow night – counter protest #edl #nwi #5w

25 02 2015

Hate speaker al haddad is to speak at the University of Westminster tomorrow night, we’ve rang them they say its going ahead. Various groups will be in attendance to counter this animal. Please share


Fascists fail to disrupt Welsh Communist election rally

24 02 2015


hahaha you mugs

Originally posted on 21centurymanifesto:

More than a dozen fascists failed to disrupt a big Communist Party public meeting in Merthyr Tydfil on Monday evening (February 23).

Members of the National Front and new outfit calling itself the ‘Valleys Frontline Firm’ turned up at the Soar centre in the middle of the town, where CP general secretary Robert Griffiths was launching his general election campaign for the Merthyr Tydfil & Rhymney constituency.

Bemused locals looked on as an NF organiser with a pronounced West Country accent led the fascist protestors in a chant of ‘Whose streets? Our streets’ as a large crowd filed into the venue.

Inside the hall, Mr Griffiths urged an enthusiastic audience to help return an MP who would fight for ‘public ownership, a wealth tax on the super-rich and the rejection of the European Union, NATO and nuclear weapons’.

He vowed to uphold the staunchly socialist and anti-imperialist politics of the…

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Another Antifa hardman Oscar Peters #uaf #gimp

9 02 2015

Heres Antifa hardman Oscar Peters with and without his antifa clobber. Scary eh? This is the calibre of gimp that are running around at demos dressed as Antifa? Where will it end?


19  Still Laughing at the English Defence League


Heres Stan Everett from London Antifa unmasked #edl #uaf #doverdemo #sw4

8 02 2015

Pictured here with the main organiser of left wing violence at demos Richard Purssell (fist raised) is Stan Everrett from  London. Heres his facebook https://www.facebook.com/stan.everett.73?fref=photo

He was running round Dudley yesterday trying to launch cowardly attacks on easy targets.




Tim Jones from Rugeley still harassing patriots and mouthing off online #stafford #stoke

5 02 2015


More on him here


March for England in Blackpool this year #mfe

5 02 2015

March for England this year on the nearest Saturday to St Georges Day will be in Blackpool. Its down to start at 12.30 at Yates on the South Shore, Saturday April 25th. Further details as we get them. Link to facebook event is below #5w

Lefties never counter events in Blackpool, so bring the family and make a weekend of it.



Halfords and the strange case of Adam and Eve/Chantal #5w

5 02 2015

Halfords have a new promotion and have sent cardboard cut outs of a white woman called Eve and a black man called Adam to all their stores. After complaints from “a religious group” they have shit themselves and sent out stickers to all the stores to cover the word “Eve” with the name “Chantal”. Who are these religious nutters? We emailed Halfords last week they will not answer us. Don’t matter how “pc” and promoting multiculturaism you are, you still wont please religious nutcases.

Halfords warned their staff that this info is not to be made public. Heres the pics

Katie 5w

1975109_319886368201194_8665323816569993714_n eve


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