Well done #Bradford council, this needs to happen all over the country #edl #illegaltaxis

31 05 2012

Eleven ‘illegal’ cabbies banned from streets in police crackdown

7:00am Tuesday 29th May 2012 in NewsBy Marc Meneaud

Police activity during the crackdown on cabbiesPolice activity during the crackdown on cabbies

Eleven cab drivers who were deemed to be putting the public in danger by operating illegally had their licences suspended immediately during a crackdown in Bradford city centre.

Police special constables joined forces with officers from Bradford Council’s hackney carriage and private hire licensing team to carry out random spot checks on vehicles in Vicar Lane and Westgate.

Of 53 drivers stopped and checked throughout the day, 11 were immediately suspended by enforcement officers for problems such as document offences and vehicle defects. Six drivers were also given advice by officers. Despite inquiries from the Telegraph & Argus to both West Yorkshire Police and Bradford Council, neither was able to say how many of the vehicles were hackney carriages and how many were private hire vehicles.

Bradford South special constabulary senior section officer Gerry Slade said those caught with faulty vehicles during Saturday’s operation were “putting passengers’ lives at risk.”

He said: “On top of those suspended, a number of fixed penalty tickets were also issued as part of this operation.

“One driver received a £60 fine and three penalty points on their licence for having defective tyres. Another was handed a defect rectification notice for having insufficient tread allowing a period of time to have it fixed or face prosecution.

“Of the drivers we stopped and spoke to, a majority of their vehicles were of good standard and happy to co-operate in the operation.

“It is imperative, however that those who are not operating within the law are identified as they are potentially putting their passengers’ safety in jeopardy. These checks mean we can catch any defects on cars used for public transport early while ensuring that drivers are keeping to the terms of their licence.”

Bradford Special Constabulary acting section officer Sarah Acton said they also made 32 stop checks on general motorists in the city.

“One vehicle was seized for the driver not having a licence and he was summonsed to court. Another was summonsed for failing to wear a seatbelt.

“Various fixed penalty tickets were issued for those driving with faulty tyres and lights. Others were handed tickets for driving whilst being on a mobile phone and for not wearing seat belts. Each of these carries a fine of £60 and a three points.

“This is an example of the good partnership work between the Council and the police and underlines our efforts to ensure taxis and private hire vehicles are safe”


More paedos locked up – well done #Bradford police #edl

10 05 2012

‘Depraved’ pair locked up for grooming girl, 13, for sex

7:00am Wednesday 9th May 2012 in News

Shabir AhmedShabir Ahmed

  • Shabir Ahmed
  • Munwar Khan

Two men who shared a 13-year-old Bradford schoolgirl for sex after she was bribed with alcohol, cigarettes and money have been jailed.

Shabir Ahmed, 39 – branded “a dangerous, predatory paedophile” by a judge – was locked up for ten years and must spend an extra four on extended licence.

Munwar Khan, 42, who paid the girl £20 for sex, was imprisoned for three years and four months.

Ahmed forced the girl’s older sister to watch them having sex at his flat in Windsor CourtLittle Horton, Bradford, and was seen by her horrified aunt having intercourse with her through his open curtains, Bradford Crown Court heard.

The aunt told the jury of witnessing a “naked, pot-bellied, 40-year-old man” having sex with her young niece.

Ahmed was convicted last Friday of three offences of having sex with the girl, grooming her, two offences of indecently assaulting her vulnerable adult sister and nine of having obscene child pornography on his computer.

Khan, of Morley Street, Bradford, pleaded guilty to two offences of having sex with the girl.

Ahmed has a conviction for indecently assaulting a girl of 13 in his car after plying her with alcohol.

He was jailed for 30 months in 2005 and ordered to sign on the sex offenders’ register for life.

Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC said yesterday the men’s victim was from a respected, traditional, Asian family.

One of her abusers had given her chlamydia and Ahmed threatened to petrol bomb her family home if she or her sister told on him.

The men were arrested when the girl’s pink bra was found in Khan’s bed and a bag containing her school uniform at his home.

The judge told Ahmed he had turned “a bright, successful, confident, girl” into “an appallingly damaged child”.

“You are a dangerous, predatory paedophile, targeting, watching and abusing vulnerable children,” he said.

Ahmed turned up at Lister Park, Manningham, Bradford, in the summer of 2010 in one of his expensive cars and “chatted up” the schoolgirl and her older sister.

He groomed the young girl, who looked only nine or ten, until she thought of him as “her very best friend”, said the judge.

Ahmed took photos and made videos of his sex acts with the girl and took her to places where there were only adult Asian men present.

One phone video showed him trying to persuade her to strip off in front of other men.

She went missing for days on end and Ahmed took her out of school.

“You took her virginity and cleverly and wickedly manipulated her,” Judge Durham Hall said.

“Your arrogance is startling as indeed is the depth of your depravity.”

Sentencing Khan, Judge Durham Hall acknowledged that he did not corrupt the girl or ply her with alcohol and cigarettes. He also had no convictions for any similar offences.

After the case, Detective Constable Jazz Gill, of Bradford South CID, said: “This case indicates our continued determination in removing those within our communities who prey on the young and vulnerable.

“Ahmed and Khan both used their position of trust as an adult to take advantage of their victim.

“Both have reached the depths of depravity in their actions and I hope today’s outcome offers some justice to the families involved.”



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