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28 03 2014

This years March for England St Georges Parade is on Sunday April 27th. The route of the march is the same as last year, along the seafront from the Sealife Centre. This route has been deliberately chosen again because last year the march was pelted with stones from the beach by lefties and a woman who was a bystander lost an eye. Obviously the left wing Council and the police down there WANT the same to happen again. They are happy to allow the left to attack every year so it puts people off going on the march as they really don’t want it there.

The last few years have seen massive disorder perpetrated by Antifa, who run around dressed in black with hoods and scarfs on to hide their identity. If you watch the video on youtube “This is not England, this is Brighton” you can see how they were allowed to attack and run around freely, with police obviously going easy on them. If this was a football match they would NEVER allow one set of fans to line the route to the ground and attack at will, so why do they do it here?

This years advice if arriving in small groups or travelling by train is to dress all in black, with a black hoody. If going on the march put flags away in a rucksack. Every year what happens is that small groups arriving dressed in Casual gear, who are easy to spot, find themselves surrounded by screaming Commies in numbers, and police stand by while they are attacked. If you walk off the train all dressed in black with hood up, nobody will know you are not lefties and police and Commies wont know who you are. If you are known, cover your face with a scarf, you will pass for Antifa easily. Police rigorously enforce Section 60a, which requires you to remove face coverings, but only on patriots, never on Antifa.

This simple tactic will confuse everyone and if police then want to find out who is who, they will have to unmask everyone, not just patriots. All those not going on the march, but there for the weekend will be dressed in this way. We know who we all are but police and Commies don’t. They usually only recognise us by how we are dressed. Dress in this way and you can move around freely all day. Its the way forward.

At the EVF demo in London a group of patriots from no particular group dressed as Antifa and wandered past police with faces covered and were not bothered at all until they took their hoods down and police realised they were patriots then they tried to arrest them. Clearly they were told to leave Antifa alone.

A mob of 70 Antifa were allowed to walk along the seafront attacking anyone they thought was a patriot last year, they didn’t have a single police officer with them. A group of 50 Casuals on the beach were searched and told to split into groups of ten. Why? To make sure if you do get attacked you are outnumbered. Its all about making the day so shit for you that you’ll never try to march again.

Therefore we have to play them at their own game. If you arrive by car, dressed all in black, you can walk right through the lefties without being attacked. You can show yourself when you choose then. Please pass this advice on to your groups/divisions.


5w We go where we want


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28 03 2014
28 03 2014

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28 03 2014

Or prep ‘ready for action ‘ and take anti on. Away from the family day out of course. But make sure the self defense is videoed.

28 03 2014
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28 03 2014

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