Despite massive amounts of calls and messages Reading Uni are allowing hate speaker #edl #nwi

27 02 2013

Statement on Discover Islam Week events at the University of Reading

Release Date : 27 February 2013

Joint statement from Professor Christine Williams on behalf of the University of Reading and James Fletcher, President of Reading University Students Union (RUSU):

The University and Reading University Students Union (RUSU) have reviewed the planned events of the Muslim Society’s Discover Islam Week. The University has no evidence that its code of practice on freedom of speech will be contravened by any of the planned events. The University is committed to upholding both the right to free speech and the right to lawful protest within an environment that guarantees the safety of all users of our campuses.

The University and RUSU have met with representatives of the Muslim Society and received assurances that the Discover Islam Week events will remain true to their intention; to raise awareness of Islam among fellow students. The leadership of the Muslim Society will take responsibility for ensuring that the platform is used for mutual understanding and not for promulgating extreme views which may offend other communities among the Reading student population.

The President of the Muslim Society, the Reading University Student Union society organising the Discover Islam Week events, has said: “It is the duty of any member of the Muslim society to disallow non-members of the Muslim Society and individuals from outside the University from making any comment or engaging in activities that are not consistent with the values and code of the Muslim Society, and thus Reading University Students Union (RUSU).”

The University will maintain a presence at a number of the events planned for this week to ensure that the rights of all members of its communities are respected and protected.


Texts are going out as we speak to counter demo this. We will not allow hate speakers and Jihadists to spread their filth in our land. What has happened here is obviously they are scared to argue with the Muslim Society. Text going out now regarding where to meet etc NFSE


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27 02 2013
27 02 2013
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27 02 2013

So under their rules on free speech, they will of course be allowing counter speeches from Geert Wilders, and Nick Griffen to follow on from this muslim hate preacher. After all they have spouted off about how important free speech is to them, but like all lefties, this will never happen, because they are only interested in a one sided free speech. Only their views can be spouted freely, and any counter arguements will be labeled as either “Racist” , or “Nazi” , and would never be allowed. What’s really frightening is these are the people responsible for educating the next generation of leaders / politicians, and leaders / bosses / CEO’s of big corporations of this once great country. That’s what’s really terrifying !!!! These idiots cannot see that the real Nazi’s are themselves, with their Facist one sided views, and “Holier than thou” attitude and opinion of themselves. They are rotten to the core !!!! We need , and its time for a proper revolution, to cut away all the rotten wood in our midst. “Viva la re’volution”

27 02 2013

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