27 02 2013

Originally posted on SPeye Joe (Welfarewrites):

Steve Webb the junior minister at the DWP, the department responsible for the bedroom tax, is blatantly misleading Parliament by stating over and over again that there are one million spare bedrooms in social housing.  That cannot be true by the DWPs own figures which say 660,000 social housing households are affected…you know the bedroom tax scroungers!

Of this 660,000 the DWP says 540,000 under-occupy by 1 bedroom – so that’s 540,000 spare bedrooms on those figures.

Yet to be ONE MILLION spare bedrooms in social housing the other 120,000 (660,000 less 540,000) need to under occupy by a total of 460,000 bedrooms.

So for the government claim to be true and not invented the 120,000 social rented households affected by the bedroom tax MUST have 460,000 spare bedrooms – or 3.83 spare bedrooms each on average.

That means – ON AVERAGE – the government believes there are 120,000 single persons living…

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One response

28 02 2013

The idea seems to be that they can target pensioners etc who have lovingly maintained their homes and faithfully paid their rent/ council tax ,because this ly’ing thieving bunch of no mark bastards in parliament needs to make way for the next wave of sponging immigrant scum with their huge families, which they have no intention of stopping.

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