Inside the CPS – How it became the enemy of the white working classes #edl #bnp #ukip

26 02 2013

This is the woman who has turned the Crown Prosecution service into a politically correct department, staffed largely by immigrants and or lefties who see white working class people as fair game and often fail to prosecute groomers and foreign criminals in the interests of “community cohesion”. Read our old article then  see her at the bottom.

No to “diversity” how about equal justice for everyone?



How the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has become a tool for persecuting white people 


The CPS was formed in the 80s as a body, seperate from the police, to oversee prosecutions and make charging decisions. Prior to this the police would arrest, charge and prosecute. The massive amount of high profile stitch ups the police were involved in forced the need for an independent body to take over this role. For a few years they did their job very well. They worked on what was called the 51% rule where if there wasnt a 51% chance of a conviction, case would be dropped. This was saving the courts a lot of time and effort, and sifting out cases where it was obvious the evidence was weak, and police were prosecuting simply because they had it in for the person they’d arrested.

The lefties in the media were NOT happy with this and started a campaign of slating the CPS, calling them the Criminals Protection Society etc and bit by bit, the work they were doing started to be interfered with. The relationship with the police is so close on a day to day basis, that although they are supposed to be two independent bodies, in reality they are hand in glove, and cannot be independent.

According to my lecturer, in the 80s the CPS was seen as a “joke job” which legal professionals sneered at. It was low class, low status and badly paid. Any lawyer with any respect did not want to work there. The starting rate for a caseworker was £10,000 a year, which was poor.

Over the years, it has become riddled with left wingers, and they started to introduce “diversity training” and the like. An ex employee of London CPS told us what happened when they appointed a black woman, who was a member of the “Association of Black Lawyers” (ie a racist) as Diversity Manager.



We get an insight from an email we recieved from an ex employee of the CPS

“Under the direction of the “Director of Diversity” it was decided they could earn brownie points by downgrading all the senior caseworker posts and making them junior posts. Ostensibly this was to cut the wage bill. It also had the effect of getting rid of all part-timers and anybody with a family friendly work pattern. The Family friendly policy was SO last year! Nearly 1000 of us went in the department in the course of a year.  But it had the secondary effect of ridding the department of experienced, mature staff, who were mostly white, because we had been there since the 80s and the junior replacements were recruited with ‘diversity’ criteria in mind. I had got used to not hearing English spoken around me on the tube – during this period I started to find the same thing in the office lift and canteen queue”
Full article here:
So the old school white civil servants who would do their job to the letter, were systematically replaced by a mixture of foreigners, and white Marxist/Lefty/Liberals, as if you went for an interview, unless you spouted about diversity and political correctness, you werent getting the job.
When you are arrested, you are told the arresting officers are liasing with the CPS, yet you are never given a contact name at the CPS, and you never know who is persecuting you behind the scenes. The CPS, despite being the ones who decide your fate, are faceless and they are NOT ACCOUNTABLE. This means, if you were jailed for something it was later discovered you did not do, what happens? You sue the police and if you are compensated, its from the police and if anyone is punished it is the officers who dealt with you. Have you ever heard of the CPS ending up in trouble in ANY high profile miscarriage of justice case?
If you look at previous posts on this blog its now clear, that as well as the CPS being infested with Marxists, many of the top posts are filled by Muslims. Some of whom have been done for corruption.
Is it any wonder then that we find ourselves in a position where time and time again, white people are having the book thrown at them and are seen as fair game, yet violent immigrants are often charged with lesser offences than they should be, and are NEVER charged with racial aggravation.
Those who burned poppies on Remembrance day were only charged with a Section 5 and fined £50 for insulting the whole nation. The Somalis who nearly killed Rhea Page in Leicester while shouting “kill the white bitch” were not charged with racial aggravation. This guy who sprayed up a war memorial was not charged with racial aggravation.
Also, the CPS have had a large part to play in the covering up of the epedemic of Muslim grooming gangs. The Rochdale case they allowed the gang to carry on for another 3 years with countless victims, as they did not want to prosecute as they knew it would show muslims in a bad light.
In Blackpool they STILL have not arrested the gangs responsible for grooming over 60 girls and police admitted it was covered up for fear of racism accusations.
The same CPS which botched the Charlene Downes murder trial, has just thrown all it has at getting the Brierfield 12 sent down, and we are told that the Muslim gang who attacked them on the day and caused the whole situation may have charges dropped as CPS have messed up the evidence. How convenient.
The CPS is not fit for purpose and has become a tool for silencing white people. Every day it pisses more and more people off. All the people who constantly rattle on about “racism” are part of a system which is happily racially persecuting the white people of the country. This is the real racism.

New Year’s Honour For CPS Diversity Chief

Head of diversity at the Crown Prosecution Service gets a CBE from the Queen
Written by Trudy Simpson
29/12/2012 12:40 AM


GROWING UP in London’s East End as the daughter of Caribbean parents, Dale Simon overcame barriers such as racism and low expectations to excel as a Crown prosecutor.

These experiences left her with a desire to make sure people are treated equally regardless of their race, faith and gender.

As a result, Simon has spent 20 years shaping policies and programmes that break down barriers and increase diversity and equality.

She has helped improve the way race hate and domestic violence cases are handled, as well as being involved in staff networks and volunteering for various committees.

Now the Crown Prosecution Service’s (CPS) director of equality and diversity, Simon told the Voice she was inspired to enter the field because, “sometimes people had barriers put in their way and for me it was important to be able to try to do my part to reduce those barriers and give people an equal playing field.”

Her work is now being recognised by the Queen with a Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) award in the 2013 New Year’s Honours list.

“I am surprised and delighted,” said Simon, who first joined the CPS in 1992. “It is really nice after working in the field of equality and diversity so long to be nominated by your colleagues.”

Simon has also helped strengthen the CPS’ recruitment and retention of ethnic minority staff including at senior management level.

Under her leadership, there has also been an increase in prosecutions across a range of equality policy areas, including successful prosecutions in rape and other forms of violence against women and girls.

She has also worked to help the black public better understand CPS decisions through a network of scrutiny and involvement panels.

Posted on: 29/12/2012 12:40 AM



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26 02 2013
26 02 2013
Inside the CPS - How it became the enemy of the white working classes #edl #bnp #ukip | The Indigenous Uprising of the British Isles |

[...] This is the woman who has turned the Crown Prosecution service into a politically correct department, staffed largely by immigrants and or lefties who see white working class people as fair game an…  [...]

27 02 2013
NEWS Reporter

Northants English Welfare Society are aware of the double standards applied in society today. NEWS is extremely concerned at the accelerating rate in the ethnic cleansing of the English from their homeland and the genocide perpetrated against our people. We thank Casuals United for drawing attention to these issues.

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