Latest on Zoe and Jays “arrest” drama #edl #nwi

23 02 2013

These Commies on Facebook and Twitter are priceless. It is amazingly easy to feed them any old crap and off they go 100 miles an hour chatting shit. They actually think the bollocks they write makes a difference. Fact is its only other Commies and EDL/Patriot/Nationalist types who even bother reading it.

The majority of what they post is screenys from Facebook, which to them are absolute GOSPEL. They screenshot Jay last week and were boasting about how they had grassed him to police and that his door was going through so we decided to give them something to chat shit about. We typed a status saying Jay had been arrested by anti terror police and within minutes they were off typing shit about it and loving themselves. I decided to spice it up a bit so I typed another status saying 4 of ours are in custody including Zoe. Off they went again in a frenzy. Got some of our Twitter mafia to add to the illusion with highly visible “has Zoe been arrested”? posts and within 5 minutes a senile old Commie was tweeting “rumour has it Zoe has been arrested”. These people think they are amazingly clever but they are just gullible fools. ┬áMorons for want of a better word.

As they were so excited thinking they had got us arrested for the Bulger caper we first let them think thats what it was then decided to go for the attack on the SWP old boy in Lewisham which they have been telling us we will get arrested for “knowing about it” for a year. I stayed off the Zoe account on Facebook for a few days to add to the illusion as well.

Ive never seen so much foam and bullshit as what theyve been writing about this. Just for your information Commies, you know about us what WE CHOOSE for you to know. When I set up my account I chose the surname Smith because I knew you’d soon be all over me so I gave you a false surname to chat shit about. also knew that you’d try and find out where I lived so Smith ought to keep you busy. ┬áThe other day I posted on a thread on Indymedia that “Zoe Smith works in the Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport” and yes youve guessed it, you bought it bigtime and spent your time ringing and emailing the hospital trying to get me sacked. Its a fail I am afraid.

Next they hear that Tommy has been released and never shy to miss an opportunity to try and cause infighting they start saying that Hel Gower/Tommy grassed the Casuals for early release. Again a fail as all of us knew that none of ours have been arrested anyway. You bunch of utter failures. Weve had no end of fun watching you grass pointlessly and type shit for days but now we are putting you out of your misery.

You will know what we allow you to know and or feed you. Casuals 1 Commies o

Until next time we waste your time NFSE

Zoe xxx






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23 02 2013
23 02 2013

haha epic

23 02 2013
Tony Davis

Just wonderful!!!

23 02 2013

Love It ” Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance” Sun Tzu 500 BC. It could have been written for the self proclaimed so called intellectuals of the marxist left when confronted by street savvy patriots educated in the university of life.

23 02 2013

You need to start to understand the meaning of the term ‘Human Resaurces’. This term means exactly what it suggests.. You – We are a resaurce for them, and they are the European black nobility in the form of rayalty, and in turn the banks and large corporations through whom they operate and the governments through whom they wield their power. They own the government and all political parties but like to give the brainwashed public the impression of democracy by letting them vote every four years, but the fix is always in because all the parties work for the same people.

You are owned. It says so on your birth certificate. Check out the meaning of ‘certificate’ – in Blacks law dictionary a certificate is a document of ownership. You are owned by the state. You must pay it’s endless taxes, fight it’s wars, give it more resaurces in the form of children whom you ‘Register’ – hand over at birth. You birth certificate is a warehouse invoice – you are stock!

Here we are though, on endless websites taking the side of right or left – both are wings of the same bird and both are designed get us fighting each other and all the time we’re being harvested. Wake up people!

23 02 2013

Google “The Bilderberg Group ” to find out who pulls the strings.

24 02 2013
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[...] These Commies on Facebook and Twitter are priceless. It is amazingly easy to feed them any old crap and off they go 100 miles an hour chatting shit. They actually think the bollocks they write make…  [...]

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