Update on Birmingham Jihadi hate fest this weekend #edl #nwi

20 02 2013

The venue has now been removed from their website but they are advertising places still on their Facebook page. We have been told they are planning to move it to another venue in Birmingham due to our calls to Birmingham Council who arent keen to have hate speakers and a counter demo from us and other groups. Let the Council know politely that wherever it is we will find it and we will counter demo it. No place for Jihadists in our country.  As expected the left are completely ignoring our reasons for wanting this stopped and are lying that we are “targeting a Mosque”. Presumably they are fine with those who want to murder people on our shores. These people had a recruiting day yesterday at the East London Mosque, a regular recruiting place for Jihad. (Stacey)


http://www.birmingham.gov.uk/contact Fill out the your views form and tell Birmingham Council that wherever the Jihadi festival is this weekend we will be there. Read link to Casuals blog to see the hate that will be spewed there
You can also email us at contact@birmingham.gov.uk



See link below


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20 02 2013
20 02 2013


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