Hate filled lefties attack an appeal to find a lost girl #edl #nwi

17 02 2013

The irony of the left calling us “haters” when they spend all day every day attacking, insulting and threatening anyone who dares be patriotic. They ban us from their groups “for loving our country” and they even mock the victims of paedophiles if we slate the nonces. They are complete and utter scum. Here they are attacking a genuine appeal to find a missing teenager. Just because the NWI are helping spread the message here they are rubbishing it. Vermin

Zoe x










They surrendered to Puller





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17 02 2013
17 02 2013
Alan Pearce

what do this dirty perverted left wing scum know about the Nazi,s I had family there and effected by them,, then lo and behold Stalin, and his fuk ups came to power and Killed 24 million and starved all of the Crimea, by stealing their crops,,and as always convert history by changing it,for themselves of course,,they have a gene, that makes them the scum they are,,let us find it and Kill it..yep I know the nazis would love that,,but I am a nationalist,,and this scum need eradicating….

17 02 2013
Ed Dowden

Disgusting left wing bastards,they make me sick..

17 02 2013

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17 02 2013

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UGGGHHH!!! my God!
Well we do have plenty of evidence of how sick these people can be… we shouldn’t really be surprised!
What if one of them put out a missing kid alert… personally I would verify and reshare, WHOSEVER kid it was. NFSE to paedoscum and their appeasers!

17 02 2013
#Commies Accuse Us Of Lying About A Missing Child #casualsunited #evf #edl #Norwich « muslamicrayguns

[...] Hate filled lefties attack an appeal to find a lost girl #edl #nwi [...]

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