17 02 2013


Well done commies, embracing nonces again! #edl, #evf, #nwi

Originally posted on Malatesta's Blog:


There has always been a cult like aspect to the English Defence League as exemplified by the recent ‘coronation’ of career criminal and spiv ‘King’ Tommy Robinson and the fanatical devotion of the final few to a dying political project that has achieved nothing. The treatment of people who have left the ‘movement’ further amplifies the cult aspect as we found out when an ex-EDL member agreed to answer a few questions. They have been on the receiving end of abuse and threats of violence from the ‘peacefully protesting’ groupuscule and it is clear the EDL see defection as a form of apostasy in relation to their bizarre, drunken, thuggish movement.

M: How did you get involved with the EDL?

Well it started 3 years ago. The EDL came to my hometown. I went down to check things out but before I knew what was happening it had kicked off…

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17 02 2013
Malcolm Douglas Porter

EDL does not have a membership scheme, so does not have members. If it does not have members, it cannot have ‘ex-members’!

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