Commies try interfering with a UKBA raid #edl #ukip

6 02 2013

Only one question we’ve got. How did these left wingers know that raid was going to take place? Seeing as how the UKBA is controlled by the Communist PCS Union I would suggest that somebody there tipped of left wing extremists about a planned raid. Tut tut. Serious breach of trust there.



On Saturday night, approximately 6-7 UKBA officers and around 4 police officers rushed into a West African restaurant at 8.55pm. The raiding party arrived in one white van and one silver van, licence plate BP55DCU. But this time the operation wasn’t going to take place in silence.

About 20 people from the Anti Raids network entered the restaurant hot on their heels and informed everyone present of their rights in the face of immigration checks: you do not have to answer any questions, and you are free to leave at any time. Many people immediately got up and left – presumably not wanting to spend their night out being interrogated by UKBA thugs.

Unfortunately, UKBA had managed to surround three people before supporters could get to them. One group of immigration officers questioned the three women, while others physically blocked supporters from getting near them to inform them of their legal rights. Some police officers assisting the operation refused to show their badge numbers and tried to intimidate supporters into turning off their cameras. UKBA officers held their victims in the restaurant for approximately half an hour before leaving, supported by extra police back-up.

Sadly, they managed to arrest one Nigerian woman and took her with them to their base at Beckett House, Good


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6 02 2013
7 02 2013

Makes me fu**ing sick all them rich mummys boys sticking up for them tthen pissing off back to surrey to be tucked into bed by their muumys!!

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