This is bang on the money. Why not a referendum now? Its a blag to fool sheep into voting for him again #edl

28 01 2013


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28 01 2013

That old hag Thatcher was elected to sell off the gas,water,and electricity companies to her friends in big buisness Conmoron has been elected for the sole purpose of privatising the NHS which he continues to slim down ready for sale I don’t suppose it could be just a huge coincidence that one of his the tories biggest financial backers in the last election was an American health insurance multi millionaire.The NHS is the envy of the world and would be financialy viable if it wasn’t pimped out to every Tom,Dick and Ali that rocks up here and has never paid a penny into the system.

28 01 2013

He’s a lying cunt. Continuity of Government agenda will not allow him to lead the UK out of Europe. His bosses won’t allow it (The globalist banks and corporations who own him and the rest of the political class). They want five world blocks controlled by five supranational governments ultimately they are to be conrolled by a single world governing body.The aperatus is already in place, the world health organization, world trade organization, world bank, IMF, and NATO, all under the contol of the UN – the forerunner to final World government.

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