28 01 2013

Originally posted on The British Citizen:


Nick Griffin campaigning alongside the English Defence League’s Liam Wood for Justice for Charlene Downes. Liam is an avid campaigner of this cause.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been signalled out for abuse from some sections of the “right” due to my blog detailing the “Search for Charlene Downes”. Now unlike those with lesser minds who would use this opportunity to fire off insults abuse and unfounded rumours; I will not sink to those measures nor will I respond to any allegations made about myself. Instead I wish to use this space to appeal to the good nature of patriots all over this fine country.

Whatever we believe has happened to Charlene Downes, we must all agree that this issue has gone too far and has never been resolved. This is why, regardless of our beliefs, or our political standings, or even to which side of the political spectrum…

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One response

28 01 2013

Daddy’s a nonce, and the family are freaks…. pimped by her sister… Butchered like a dog by a perverted wog… Justice for charlene? poor little fucker didn’t stand a chance.

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