What a pile of bigoted nonsense in the Scottish Sun #sdl #edl #bnp #krisdonald

27 01 2013

No place for racist thugs on our streets

Published: 11 hrs ago

LAST Sunday members of a far right group ‘mobilised’ ten thugs to march in a street in multicultural Pollokshields, home to Glasgow’s largest Muslim and Asian community.

The thugs were from an organisation not worthy of being named, made up of football casuals and Nazis.

Says you

The hooligans regularly target trade unionists and the Muslim and gay communities, promoting racial hatred and violence.

Says you

Armchair ‘intellectuals’ argue that allowing them to march is the price of free speech or that we should just ignore them.

The problem with the first argument is if a bunch of men wanted to march down the street demanding the right to rape, what then?

I dont know, go and ask your Imam about that one

Free speech is an essential cornerstone of any democracy but it also carries responsibilities.

As for just ignoring them, well the ‘intellectuals’ would do well to remember on today’s Holocaust Memorial Day what happens when you ignore Nazis.

In 1919, Hitler had barely 60 members for his party. The rest is history.

I suppose it’s easy enough to sit in your armchairs and back an abstract principle of free speech, when it’s not your family or religion being stabbed, spat on or terrorised.

Far right thugs have no right to take control of any street in Scotland let alone ‘facilitation’ by the police to do so.

By take control I mean several residential streets were shut down as ten thugs were protected for three hours by up to 100 police officers, mounted officers, two helicopters and seven police vans, with locals unable to leave or enter their homes, or allow their children out to play.

Some basic research by this idiot would have told him that it was not a march or a demonstration they wanted to lay a wreath at the scene of the racist murder committed by Muslims and not classed as such by the “pc” CPS even though they called him a white bastard as they kicked him to death.

This operation will have cost Strathclyde Police many thousands of pounds as they tried to keep local residents from booting the thugs out themselves.

The only reason the police needed to be there was to control a 100 strong mob of left wingers, encouraged to be there by the very same guy who wrote this article.

The thugs tried to hijack the anniversary of the murder of a local man, but their poison was welcomed neither by the victim’s family, friends or local community — white or Asian.

It reminded me of the same community’s response when in 2004, after the brutal and racist murder of 15-year-old Kriss Donald, the BNP were told that they were not welcome.

Even the police told them they would be arrested if they stepped foot in the area.

Unlike England, we have not had the same problems of racial tension or riots, but that is down to the community, trade unionists, political parties, the media and police working to ensure that such groups have no platform for their hate in Scotland.

He conveniently forgets the sectarian hatred that is rife there and all the murders and stabbings that happen in its name. Tolerant place? My arse

Which is what makes the police operation on sunday such a disgrace.

For the police chiefs of the new single Scottish police force, it will be easy enough to find excuses and pass the buck, but this happened on their watch.

They breached a blind trust the community held in the police for nine years by allowing these thugs to ‘goosestep’ into Pollokshields.

People have the right to be protected by the police from left wing thugs when laying a wreath. Which bit of that dont you get? We have a democratic right to assembly and political opinion and also European rights. So this article is a waste of ink mate. You cant stop us. We live in a democracy.

Had angry youngsters protesting against these loons taken the law into their hands, then I know who I would be holding responsible.

Yourself? After all you have organised every demo theres ever been against the SDL in the past so had there been trouble, it would have been down to you.

Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/feeds/smartphone/scotland/4765197/No-place-for-racist-thugs-on-our-streets.html#ixzz2JBwhQ71w

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27 01 2013
27 01 2013
Tony Backhouse

This is a letter which was recently printed on the Horwich Nationalist Blog. i have all the correspondence if you’d like to check it. Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2013 16:05:28 +0000 To: aeb1961@hotmail.co.uk

27 01 2013
What a pile of bigoted nonsense in the Scottish Sun #sdl #edl #bnp #krisdonald | The Indigenous Uprising of the British Isles | Scoop.it

[...] No place for racist thugs on our streets By AAMER ANWAR Published: 11 hrs ago 1 LAST Sunday members of a far right group ‘mobilised’ ten thugs to march in a street in multicultural Pollokshields, h…  [...]

27 01 2013
arthur disbury (@dizzy99)

Yes we all want peace, but sadly this cancerous scum will not go away except through violence!!!

27 01 2013

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27 01 2013
Samuel (@last_brit)

I don’t actively support EDL or the BNP but the takeover of Pollokshields by Pakistanis is a travesty. It was a fine part of the city when my mother grew up there, on the street where the murder in question took place. The Pakistanis made a deliberate attempt to recolonise the area as they often do, offering my grandmother cash for her house. But she didn’t want to move and when she eventually did she insisted on selling to a British family because she felt that the Pakistanis had poor living standards and would spoil the interior she’d spent ages working on. This was true – they often lived communally in houses, one room each, and carried out unlicensed halal slaughter at night during Ramadan, inside the house. And now one of them complains to the mainstream media that the EDL are far right racists? Who rattled his cage, eh?

27 01 2013

The Muslim far left extremist who wrote this article is the scumbag who after the Glasgow airport terror attack came out with the comment ‘That there is no difference between a stealth bomber and a suicide bomber, the effects are still the same’,
Unfortunately the Scottish Sun comment moderator must be one of his mates as it seems they have not allowed my comment telling the truth

27 01 2013

Here is a working link: http://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/scotsol/homepage/news/papercolumnists/aameranwar/4765197/No-place-for-racist-thugs-on-our-streets.html

Note the lefties picking on a guy’s spelling and completely missing the point in the comments.

28 01 2013

This is the tripe that we deal with up here, we Christian denominations have been fighting amongst ourselves for over 400 years but it takes muslims to be outraged to get new sectarian laws passed(to keep them happy) and then blame it on football rivalry albeit they tried to blow up OUR Airport.
Not once in this FU##WIT’s diatribe does he mention the fact they were there to lay a wreath and leave, not once did he mention that the guy that died was getting called a white cu#t while being beaten to death,filmed on phone and the racist element of the charge dropped the trend is in and we up here cant say boo to a goose or we will end up like Tommy! Locked up for telling the truth!!!

28 01 2013

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28 01 2013

We Scots dont need NEW laws we have OLD songs,
You dont wear a green scarf in Brigton or a blue yin on Paterson street
unless yer a heavy weight champion or hell of a quick on yer feet.

28 01 2013

We’re all wogged out.

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