Commies once again chat mindless shite and cant see the hypocrisy in what they are saying #edl

22 01 2013

Even know they know the point that people are trying to make, as MY GOD they’ve been told enough times, they still continue to chat shite like little left wing robots. They are programmed to block out any fact that gets in the way of their bigoted argument.

The reason people started wearing balaclavas to demo was to make a point that in a civilised society, it intimidates people when you cover your face. You cannot walk into a bank, a garage or board a plane in a crashelmet or wearing a balaclava, so why are you allowed in a Burkha? That is the point being made. At least one terrorist has fled this country in his sisters Burkha and there have been a spate of robberies by men wearing them. Apart from the fact that the women wearing them are being degraded and oppressed by their menfolk, they cannot possibly enjoy having to walk around covered up like that. One says hes confused and wonders if the EDL think there is a law against wearing a balaclava. There is mate, its called Section 60. But it doesn’t apply to Burkhas.

Anyway, the screenshot below shows the ignorance and double standards of the Commies. “I hope they don’t walk into a shop or bank in their balaclavas” squeeks one. No they wouldn’t would they as they’d be arrested, but this lefty would be fine with someone walking into a bank or shop in a Burkha obviously. Because hes a lefty and that’s how they roll.

Any robber with half a brain will know that there isnt a copper in the land who would start running up to women in Burkhas and demanding they remove them, even if a bank had just been robbed by someone in a Burkha as has happened in many places including Luton and Bradford. They wouldn’t dare because there is nothing a police officer fears more than being accused of racism, and no group of people are more untouchable in this country than Muslims and that is a fact. Insulting any religion in this country wont get you arrested. But you try insulting Islam in any way shape or form and see what happens. Am I wrong?





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3 responses

22 01 2013
22 01 2013

I would like to put a headbag on all of them. And tie it fkn tight!!!

23 01 2013

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