The Sun making up stories to help Cameron win next election? Nah they wouldnt would they? #EDL

20 01 2013

See link below. The Sun ran a story saying that this ungrateful immigrant was claiming £14,500 a year in benefits and is basically laughing at us as we are a “soft touch”. A little digging into the woman featured reveals she is a professional actress. Seeing as how Cameron has decided he is going to fight the next election on an anti-EU ticket, as he is scared of the rise of UKIP, it looks like his cronies at the Sun have started planting the seeds of anti EU hatred for him. Lets face it if he wanted us out of Europe he could do it now. He wont. He wants to use it to get himself reelected by lying to the gullible sheep that are Britain’s voters. Don’t buy his crap and don’t ever buy newspapers, especially not the Sun.



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20 01 2013

We may get an IN/OUT vote after the PROPAGANDA MACHINE has convinced us all, that by leaving Europe we will be isolated, lose millions of jobs and be starving to death. No politician will allow UK peasants to leave Europe. The winners will be the Elites and their propaganda. Treason is the name of the game!!!

21 01 2013

Yes but the danger in all of this is that Cameron has absolutely no intention of ever following through on any promise regarding a referendum or leaving the EU. He’s learning from Obama who has basically lied about everything.

Who’s the bird in the pic? She can go where she wants…. especially if it invlves rumidging around in my pants…lol.

22 01 2013

Shes an NWI girl

22 01 2013

If we get a referendum, just like the USA the vote count will be fiddled. That’s the the only certainty!!!

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