Facebook, the best thing that ever happened to the police #edl

18 01 2013

Yesterday I had to sit through court cases at a Crown Court as part of my coursework. A bloke  was accused of dealing Heroin. He was not caught with any heroin at all. All the evidence against him was stuff he had written on Facebook, including INBOX messages which he thought he had deleted. He was jailed for 3 years. The police and CPS had remotely accessed his Facebook without his knowledge. This is why I wont have a Facebook account. The amount of people talking shit and putting their private business on there is ridiculous. A lot of EDL people have been arrested then confronted by screenshots from their Facebook accounts, and even when what is being said is not illegal, it is used to try and show a pattern of thinking/behaviour to the jury to sway them into convicting you. Be warned people. We can fight our fight without being insulting and threatening people. Even if they do not end up charging you, they can use it as an excuse to raid you and take your computer, thereby slowing you down. Dont make it easy for them. NFSE



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2 responses

18 01 2013
19 01 2013

Welcome to POLICE STATE BRITAIN…. what a fucking shithole this place is. Fit only for scroungers and wogs. Hate the state!!

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