Oh dear oh dear. Still telling tales even now #edl

17 01 2013








The EDL’s former police liason person, who admitted grassing on people that he didn’t want going to demos so they could be served a letter advising them to stay away, is STILL grassing and telling tales, this time because he has STILL not paid his £1200 debt which he has owed to Ned for 18 months. If anyone dares call him a wrong un on Facebook hes off telling tales about it as evidenced by this screeny. Hes still larging it round Facebook claiming he is going to pay this debt and that its a big conspiracy against him by NWI. Its not. Pay your debts and stop grassing. Simple.       Suzy


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2 responses

17 01 2013
17 01 2013

They are fundamentally corrupt, dishonest and not to be trusted. I couldn’t understand why this cunt was even connected to the EDL. i guess we’ve got Tommy tucker to thank for that. Zadoch proved right again….lol.

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