More 5 year demo bans handed out today #edl #bradford

15 01 2013

The lads that were jailed today in Leeds have also been given 5 year demo bans. These have only ever been given to EDL members. Police say they have introduced them to stop people from hijacking peaceful protests. How come then not one left wing rioter has ever been given one? The gimp who threw a fire extinguisher from a tower block didn’t get one, nor did any of the persistent ¬†Anarchist scum at Dale Farm. No, the “pc” mugs who infest the CPS and top levels of the police force have devised this just for the EDL. How democratic of them. The Judge in one case said he had “grave concerns of the legality of hampering someones democratic right to protest”. But after a quiet word he handed them out anyway. He knew working class lads don’t have the money to fight this through the European Courts. Its a disgusting abuse of power. Simple as that.



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2 responses

15 01 2013
16 01 2013

You can fight them under human rights law. Ignore the bans, they’re not legal. Hate the state!!!

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