When did “racist” words become the crime of the century? #edl #hibs #wolves

11 01 2013

Leigh Griffiths faces disciplinary action over racist Twitter comment

Leigh GriffithsLeigh Griffiths is on loan from Wolves

Hibernian striker Leigh Griffiths is facing disciplinary action over a racist comment on Twitter.

In response to a tweet, Griffiths told user Zak Iqbal to go “back to your own country”.

The player – who is on loan from Wolves – later apologised for the tweet, which he admitted was “out of order”.

Hibs said the player realised that “despite the provocation”, his language had been “unacceptable”. Wolves said they were “angry and disappointed”.

Lothian and Borders Police said they had been made aware of the matter and were carrying out initial inquiries.

Griffiths – a Scotland international – has now restricted access to his Twitter account, which has almost 13,000 followers.

‘Extremely angry’

In a statement, Hibs said: “The player supports the club and the whole of Scottish football in its stance against racism, bigotry and anti social behaviour.

“The player will be subject to a disciplinary process which will be a private matter between the club and the player.”

A Wolves spokesman said: “Wolves are aware of an alleged racist comment made on Twitter last night by Leigh Griffiths.

“The club condemns such comments in the strongest possible terms and are extremely angry and disappointed.

“The player is currently on loan at Hibernian FC and is likely to remain there for the rest of the season.

“He is, therefore, subject to the disciplinary procedures of Hibernian FC and those of the Scottish Football Association.

“However, Wolves are in dialogue with Hibernian and are making their feelings known on the matter.”

We’ve all had this. Some arsehole insults you on Twitter then you reply and they suddenly become the victim and start squealing and trying to get you in trouble. Since when has saying “get back to your own country” to someone who is from another country been “racist”. This is beyond pathetic and is it really newsworthy? These silly stories get more prominence than murders. Political correctness on the rampage.


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11 01 2013
11 01 2013
British News Cental

Reblogged this on British News Central and commented:
Leigh Griffiths faces disciplinary action over racist Twitter comment

11 01 2013
Terry Cope

Becki, the scream of “racist” soon brings those who speak against their ideolagy to heel, and that is the reason they do it.

11 01 2013

This nonsense is a precursor for anyone criticizing politicians. They are all a bunch of kuntze!!

11 01 2013

This county’e fucked mate…. only fit for scroungers and mexicans….

11 01 2013

That should have read – This country’s fucked mate… and you know the rest.

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