Oh poor little sod, he wants to leave the “racist” country that’s protected from justice him and given him free houses/money #edl #abuqatada

30 12 2012

Abu Qatada family say they want to leave

‘racist’ UK

Article below. Well done all those who have demo’d at his houses, including the MFE and SEA lads and lasses. If he really wants to leave Britain its only because he knows the continued pressure will eventually mean he will have to face justice. Everyone involved give yourselves a pat on the back. NFSE

The family of Islamic preacher Abu Qatada have broken their silence to claim that they are desperately trying to leave the UK because they have “suffered so much”.

The family of Islamic preacher Abu Qatada have broken their silence to claim that they are desperately trying to leave the UK because they have  

Muslim Cleric Abu Qatada arrives home after being released from prison on November 13, 2012

An open letter written by Qatada Qatada, the radical cleric’s eldest son and published on an Islamic human rights website, complains that racist pressure groups scream abuse at the family home.

The family want to leave the “small and filthy” £450,000 taxpayer funded home in North London.

But their attempts have been thwarted by the Home Office who will only let them go to Jordan where Qatada is wanted on terrorism offences.

The letter claims the family were thrown out of their Wembley home after their harassed landlord was forced to evict them through the courts and that they were then lumbered with the fees for process.

The house is targeted by protesters.

The letter also says the house is too small for the family and far from schools attended by the family.

“With the court decision, we were evicted from the house and the Home Office prepared to find us another house. This was not done voluntarily or out of goodness; to the contrary it was out of malevolence.

“They refused to tell us where the house would be. We had requested somewhere close to the children’s Islamic schools, however we were told nothing about the house until we were taken there.

“Only then did discover that it was double the distance to the schools and that it was too small for the number of us that there are. Nevertheless, as a form of incitement against us, the dishonest press claims that the new house is better than the previous one. However, due to its distance, some of us are still unable to attend school. As for the condition of the house on the inside, God knows how small and filthy it is, and were it not for modesty, we would go into the matter in more detail.

“What makes the malevolence of the situation worse is that they have mounted locks on the entrances to the house which can only be opened by them, and it is as though we have all now been imprisoned. “

Abu Qatada left his four bedroom house near Wembley Stadium earlier this month and along with his wife and his children was moved to a £450,000 taxpayer funded house in north London.

The Muslim cleric, once described as Osama bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe, was released from jail in November after judges blocked his deportation to Jordan to face terror charges.

Theresa May is challenging the decision but meanwhile the cost of monitoring Qatada on bail is believed to be £100,000 a week.

The letter, signed “the Family of Abu Qatada” continued:”We have asked the British government to allow us to leave the UK for a third country; somewhere other than Jordan or the UK.

“However they refused and said they would fight to prevent us from leaving Britain to anywhere except a prison in Jordan. Let no one be under the impression that we want to stay here after having suffered so much.”


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30 12 2012
30 12 2012

Because regardless of how much of a scumbag you are if you use the word racist, you become the victim

30 12 2012
Terry Cope

go to Jordan with our blessing and take all your bloody clan with you and don’t forget your scumbag breeder.

31 12 2012

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Abu Qatada family say they want to leave

‘racist’ UK

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