Councillor calls for calm when suspects house is attacked. He said nothing when a bairn was raped (Bex) #edl #newcastle

28 12 2012

Councillor calls for calm as a house in Elswick is


A COUNCILLOR is calling for calm after the home of a man charged with raping a schoolgirl came under attack.

Windows were smashed at the house of 19-year-old Abdul Zalal Miah in broad daylight on Christmas Eve.

The incident at Hull Street, Elswick, came just hours after police officially released Miah’s name and as he made his first appearance at Newcastle Magistrates’ Court.

The 19-year-old is charged with three counts of rape, possessing an offensive weapon, threats to kill and robbery after a 15-year-old schoolgirl was attacked on Tuesday, December 18.

Two teenagers aged 17 and 18 have been arrested by Northumbria Police on suspicion of aggravated burglary.

Race and human rights campaigner Dipu Ahad, who also represents the Elswick ward for Newcastle City Council, now fears targeted attacks at the Miah family home on a predominantly Bengali street could escalate over the holiday period.

“There has been a lot of police activity around the house. We are worried that this is stirring up racial tension,” he said.

“Calm now needs to be in the community. We need to support this woman first and foremost, and people shouldn’t use this to create more tension. We are now appealing to everyone for calm.”

Miah was arrested on Sunday following a six-day manhunt by Northumbria Police.

He appeared at the city’s magistrates’ court on December 24, where he was formally charged with three counts of rape, kidnap, possessing an offensive weapon, threats to kill and robbery.

He was remanded in custody by magistrate Trevor Walton until January 4 when he will appear at Newcastle Crown Court.

Miah, who spoke only to confirm his name and date of birth, was dressed in a dark blue sweat shirt and trousers. Two female members of his family sat in the public gallery.

His alleged victim reported she had been threatened with a knife and raped as she walked along Elswick Road eight days ago.

The attacker is alleged to have taken her to a secluded area between Park Close and Gloucester Terrace.

A spokesperson for Northumbria Police, said: “Police received a report of a window being broken at an address on Hull Street, Newcastle. Officers attended and two men aged 17 and 18 were arrested on suspicion of aggravated burglary.”


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3 responses

28 12 2012
28 12 2012

Typical of a bloody muslim councillor to speak up & stand up for the dirty rapists muslim family , (I take it , they are muslim). He should of f*#king spoke up when the poor lass was raped. Doesn’t he count that as an event , that is , or would be , either racially motivated , or to stir up racial tensions. Its another sodding case of a filthy muslim stamping what he considers his muslim superiority , over another , ‘White Kaffir woman’. Who they believe are below them , and theirs to do as they want to. F*#k bricks through windows. It should have been , bloody petrol bombs , on the dirty c*#t , and he should have been strung up from the nearest lampost , as a warning to the rest of his animal like tribe , to stay away from English girls , or any other girls. F*#king scum , I hope he gets a dose of his own medicine inside , and finds out what its like to be raped , by the biggest , baddest mother f*#ker in the prison. I hope his arsehole ends up f*#king dripping , the dirty c*#t. I also hope the poor young girl can come to terms with this awful event in time , and that she finds a way to come back , and recover from the hell , that she must be going through. I wish her well , and wish him , to hell. F*#k muslims , and f*#k allah !!!! Your all dirty c*#ts

28 12 2012

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