Cameron desperate to destroy UKIP #edl

21 12 2012

David Cameron announced yesterday that he will stand in the next election on an anti EU policy. This makes you wonder why, if he is anti EU he doesnt simply get us out of it now as he is in a position to. The fact is, he is scared of UKIP and wants to mug the voters into believing he is suddenly anti EU. He could pull us out of it today. He doesnt want to. This shows the contempt he has for the voters and that he knows they are idiotic sheep who believe everything the media tell them.




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2 responses

21 12 2012
21 12 2012

Cameron is a fucking slimy snake. I wouldn’t trust that cunt to tell me the time of day never mind anything about future policies. They’re all doing the same thing now in western governments. They say one thing and then do something totally the opposite. it has always happened to a degree but now it’s so blatent that it simply amounts to lies. Check out the Obama deception on line movie. Cameron is doing exactly what that b###k cunt does. They’re all part of the same globalist gang of thieves and control freaks but the public is waking up….. their days are numbered.

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