Gun control and the amazing Batman coincidence #edl #newton #aurora #batman #obama

19 12 2012

Have a look at the links below. (You may have to copy and paste it into your browser as wordpress is on the blink)


Check this out chaps. The theory is that the US government wants to get peoples guns off them so they are behind this. The Batman references are weird dont you reckon?

Also this

Just like the British Government connected Dunblane shootings which they used to get legally owned guns off the streets.

The American Government desperately want to take guns off its citizens so they are helpless against tyranny. When you remove legally held guns only the criminals (and tyrants) will have them.

Check out the links above and judge for yourselves if something dodgy goes on here.






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3 responses

19 12 2012

The movie is being used as a trigger. Check out the MK-Ultra program.

20 12 2012
19 12 2012

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