Lefties – the new enforcement helpers of the state #edl #casualsunited

12 12 2012

These left wing idiots feel that anyone who loves their country ought to be locked up. They rejoice that our right to protest is denied us and that lawful protests are crushed by heavy handed police. When the day comes that nobody is allowed to protest about anything, they will seriously wonder what the hell happened. Thick as shite. Here we have a photo of some patriots enjoying a family day out. The Commies however feel that having EDL flags around with kids should be illegal and that Social Services should become involved. I kid you not. Suzy







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12 12 2012
12 12 2012

Reblogged this on muslamicrayguns and commented:
Hmmm… I have seen plenty of pics and videos with Muslim kids at demos stood next to adults who are shouting and holding banners calling for “Death to the West” and similar.. I have seen pics of Muslim children stood posing holding guns next to their parents who are pictured smiling proudly down on their little prodigy…
Should Social Services be brought in to investigate this too?
Should not all “extremism” be treated the same way, whichever side it comes from?
Most of those from the “Left” would not be able to answer this since to criticise Islam is too “politically sensitive” and we don’t want to cause any more tantrums than we need to, do we eh?

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