Good comment from a reader #edl

9 12 2012

I can't be bothered to repeat myself yet again with regard to the fact that 
Bliar was placed, Cameron was placed and the Milibands were placed etc etc 
There is no difference between the Milibands of the present and those of the 
past. The aims of the Marxist genocidists are the same as they always have 
It was all planned. There is no democracy. The ballot is rigged so that 
whichever "seperate" party you vote for you always get the liblabcon and the 
"progressive" agenda.
You either get it or you don't.
The voters clearly don't, and will continue to vote for their own genocide 
until they know the full, unvarnished truth, whether the liblabcon and their 
media schills like it or not.
There will be no "hope" or "change" until our people rise up.
Until then, it's just another "progressive" day in the gulag.
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3 responses

9 12 2012

Marshy, who is this guy? sounds like he’s on my wave length.

10 12 2012
Paul Pork Chops Scully-Sloan

Hallelujah……………………..TWAT!!!!! OINK! (:@)

14 12 2012

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