Leaflet handed out by police at Kings Cross #edl

27 10 2012

Yes we live in a police state

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27 10 2012
27 10 2012

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27 10 2012

It looks like they have been waiting to how they can impliment a reason like public disorder even though the oppostion for all to see have
been the ones to cause this and they have been allowed to throw bricks etc at the EDL so the movement will break up and make it look like the oppostion are the ones that are innocent and that the public agree with the oppostion groups. Now thery will keep using this to stop the EDL and casuals altogther the only way forward is always the legal way and the only way you can do it with in the law you need expert advise on this. Good Luck all.

27 10 2012
Tony Davis

The dictatorship in Westminster is like all totalitarian entity’s, they do not listen to anyone. Ask yourself how the IRA and others beat the dictators. Sadly peaceful just doesn’t work!!! None of us want violence on our streets, So let’s all go back to bed! SADLY PEACEFUL DON’T WORK WITH DICTATORS!!!

27 10 2012

Stand strong. You need to voice loud over and over,”No Freedom. No Peace” use a bull horn.

28 10 2012
Steven Carlton-king

Time to stop informing the Kojacs, and just meet and march!

31 10 2012

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