Muslim convert and Traitor Galloway in #Bradford monday #edl

9 08 2012

Wheres Palestine? Cant seem to find it on a map

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9 08 2012
Muslim convert and Traitor Galloway in Bradford monday | Nationalist Media Network |

[...] Heres hoping they have an unfortunate encounter on the way to Gaza…   BTW Wheres Palestine? Cant seem to find it on a map  [...]

9 08 2012

Lies,lies and more lies.
To protect themselves from ‘more’ terrorist attacks, the Israelis only allow goods to travel through proper checkpoints. A bit like our boarder controls.

The people who live in on the land of palestine, enjoy more money per head spent on them in aid than any other people on earth. They have the best medical care, and some of the worlds best hotels. If you look at the pictures of people from that area, you’ll see what a well feed fat lot they are.

The name ‘Palestine’ is a name given to the land by the Romans. Its a take on the Name ‘philistine’ a tribe that lived their thousands of years ago, and were not Arabs, or muslims. The People who call themselves Palestinians today are just pawns in a game. They have no history, and no leaders before Yassar Arafat. They only came into existance when the jewish state was born.

Galloway hates jews, and he hates the English. How this cnut ever slimed his way in the houses of parliment amazes me. He spouts lies and hatred, thats all he does. Thats when hes not marrying more muslim women.

Scotland didn’t want him, and so now we’re stuck with this filthy racist little arsehole. Anyone that goes to that fund raiser is deluded.

11 08 2012

Paul, I couldn’t have put it better myself!

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