Another crusty Anarchist involved in the wet fart of a “riot” on Saturday in #Brighton #casualsunited

5 06 2012

On their silly blogs they had declared that we were going to attack the UKuncut demo. We didnt. Then they said we were going there for revenge and to attack the Cowley club. We werent and we didnt. We went there to prove a point that we wont be terrorised off British streets, and we did exactly that. We wandered round all day wherever we wanted. We had kindly let them know we were coming via our network of blogs, and they didnt turn up to try and remove us. They say we spent all day pretending we werent EDL. No.We denied it if asked as clubs like Revenge would not have served us if we’d said yes, so even though a lot of the pubs didnt want to serve us, they had no choice and had no grounds to ban us. To tell them we were EDL would have been stupid, but Commies dont get that. We wandered around all day and nobody could stop us as we were there as citizens, not protesters.

What they did do, in the late afternoon when a lot of ours had started to drift off was to come out and start abusing anybody they thought were EDL or Casuals. Ive seen videos of them screaming “fashist” at passers by and its quite hilarious. A lot of their blogs are now starting to say that we were “once again run out of town”. No. We werent. When the crusties started grouping up and trying half heartedly to attack us, and attacking random people in the park, police swooped on one of the pubs and marched 35 of ours away. We had small groups still in many other pubs and some even stayed the Saturday night with no problems. Police have put our numbers at 100. I say more like 150 easily. Police know, Commies dont as they stayed away all day.

Check out the quality of the people in this video and ask yourself, would any of our lads be scared of this? I think not. Im thinking if police werent there, they would not have wanted to encounter us.

Next MFE or any other patriot group that marches in Brighton, the numbers will be a lot bigger. Discussions are advanced for a full EDL demo in the future, we’ll keep you posted on that one.

Click link below to see the scary Anarchists who “ran us out of town”. LMFAO




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7 responses

5 06 2012
bob e

amazing..these people are white !!
they live in some other head space.
what a pain in the ass.

5 06 2012
Idjut Bungmewonga
5 06 2012

all caught on film heh.who was the brave moron with the hoodie and big mouth,he was so hard he hid behind police lines pretending to be gangster no1 lol.what a pathetic bunch of scruffy dirty filthy commie herion taking junkies students,nice to see all these bums caught close up on film, as for the ugly looking gobby hard man hoodie.well mfe brighton 2013 will be interesting to see if gobby turns up to threaten violence.maybe it was him that lobbed them bottles at them women and 10 year old child

5 06 2012
Richard W. Kemp

might give a go with these crusty birds, what do reckon?

5 06 2012

Look at them, living in their white areas! What the fuck do they know about multi-cultural society? They know Abdul the local kebab man and think he is a nice guy so therefore every other Muslim is fantastic!

There is nothing great about whites becoming a minority, these people just haven’t realized it yet!

6 06 2012
6 06 2012
Nottingham Forest..

muggie mob got told again.

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