Commies Wasting Police time with Jackanory Plots Again!! EDL# UAF#

4 05 2012

Police have confirmed that they have received notification that Commies and UAF smelly brigade are once again attempting to incite a riot by circulating unfounded rumours.  The latest attempt see’s unfounded rumours of EDL’s intention to march in Bury Park. 

I can confirm without doubt that EDL or any other patriotic group including Casuals United have no intention of going anywhere near Bury Park and this is simply another attempt by the lefty dhimmiwits to throw a vermin ridden, flea infested smelly cat amongst the pigeons!!.. Must try harder!!

Roxanne <3

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6 responses

4 05 2012
paul collins

Sounds like the facist’s are getting desperate. Maybe if they had a bath and got a girlfriend it would stop their Walter Mitty lifestyles.

4 05 2012

Standard socialist scum practice. I’ve mingled with UAF at some demos and overheard them saying “we hope there will be a riot”, and then they do the best they can. Once they’ve provoked a riot, they run off leaving the police to deal with it. The UAF should all be shot on sight for such tactics – even bystanders who don’t know what’s going on get injured in those circumstances. The UAF think they will get their revolution if they can cause enough violence and disorder. They are scum, somewhere below child-molesters but above journalists.

4 05 2012

the word is, the same uaf//swp filth who attacked the mfe protesters including women and a 10 year old child in brighton are heading down luton tommorow,feelings are running high after the brutal unprovoked attack in brighton on that 10 year old child and women,you would be well advised not to chance your luck uaf,swp/scum in luton tommorow.there will be no attacks on are women and children from the edl.dont even think about it.

4 05 2012

classic communist uaf ploy by the uaf,,,they know they will be outnumbered tommorow..,so make a few lies up to wind the muslims up to get them on there side to boost there numbers,,,how desperate is that..

4 05 2012

Good luck to Casuals United boys and girls. Hope its a high turnout. Stay safe.

4 05 2012

Why would the EDL want to go to Bury Park? The only people who think Bury Park is a desirable place to visit are people from outside Luton who have never been there and think multiculturalism in Britain is a success. One visit to the place will change these people’s minds pretty quickly especially if they are part of the deluded population who think racism is something that doesn’t happen to whites and that those lovely people and their vibrant communities are nice and friendly and politically correct. Bury Park represents Belfast style segregation and Belfast style hate between communities.

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