#Brighton riot suspect number one – throwing bottles at children #EDL #MFE

2 05 2012


Click the link above to watch video of Commies violently attacking a family march in Brighton in which two children were hurt by flying bottles. At 7:14 the geezer in the pic below throws his bottle into the crowd. Click on pic to enlarge. Who is he? More to come. If we can do this why cant the police? Email campaign to Sussex police going out via Inner Circle to demand mass arrests.



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2 05 2012
Brighton riot suspect number one – throwing bottles at children « UK Crime Watch

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2 05 2012

Good question ref to police. This is not the first time they have allowed violent mobs of anarchists and communists to run riot on demo’s or attack other groups activities. It is for sure Brighton police bosses would have gathered intelligence that large numbers of people would oppose MFE. They would also known that groups of anarchists/antifa were travelling down from Nottingham, Bristol and Birmingham invited by Brighton antifa with the sole purpose to block the march by ‘any means necessary’. The question is why given the violent nature of antifa did the police not detain them all prior to the start of the march. Will Brighton police act to identify and arrest the violent thugs and bottle throwers is anyone’s guess. There always appears to be a leniency towards lawbreaking leftist protesters. We can only keep the pressure on and demand justice for the injured MFE supporters.

2 05 2012

these child and women attacking uaf./swp commiecowards from the middle class universitys of marxism who believe that racism is worse than paedophilia and victims of terrorism deserve what they got because we are not nice to al qeada and the taliban must be rounded up in mass arrests and charged with rioting and violent disorder,you cross the line when you attack women and children.that is exactly what the uaf/swp cowards done in brighton last week…no justice no peace.

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