Hmmm Commies said the injured kids were made up #fail and they have the bare faced CHEEK to complain police were heavy handed #edl #mfe

24 04 2012

Brighton police investigate March for England complaints

12:00pm Tuesday 24th April 2012 in News

Brighton police investigate March for England complaintsBrighton police investigate March for England complaints

Police are investigating complaints of heavy-handedness at Sunday’s March for England protest.

Caroline Lucas, the Green MP for Brighton Pavilion, is understood to have referred to Sussex Police her concerns about footage from the March For England counter-protest in Queen’s Road, Brighton.

video posted on internet site YouTube showed a line of officers, and some on horseback, hitting unarmed protesters with batons to force them down the road.

But police have described the tactics as “professional and proportionate” and said officers were themselves facing violence.

Hecklers Anti-fascist counter-demonstrators lined the road on Sunday lunchtime to heckle the nationalist marchers, whom they accuse of far-right extremism.

The march, strung out along the road, was subjected to missiles including plates of food and drinks cans.

A ten-year-old girl taking part in the march was hit on the head but continued to take part.

The parade’s progress was repeatedly halted by demonstrators blocking the road.

Officers used batons and pepper-spray to clear them from its path.

Police eventually decided not to help the march pass the Clock Tower but to escort it into Church Street through Victoria Gardens. More clashes followed in North Laine

Former city councillor Jean Calder wrote to The Argus yesterday condemning the use of pepper spray on the counter-demonstrators.

She said: “Police are highly trained and well paid professionals.

“It is their job to uphold the law and deal with provocation without losing their temper.

“Other public servants, such as nurses and social workers have at times to deal with insults and physical abuse.

“Most do not resort to violence and neither should police.

“They should also be able to tell the difference between protesters who are law abiding and those who are not.”

Sussex Police confirmed it had received a complaint about the use of batons based on the YouTube clip, which has been circulated on social media website |Twitter.

Public safety Superintendent Steve Whitton said: “Our priority throughout the event was public safety and we acted to protect the march, the officers themselves and other members of the public.

“The brief and selective footage shows police officers acting in a professional and proportionate way when faced with hostile groups intent on stopping and attacking the march and the police officers.

“It has to be seen in the context of a complex four-hour operation in which police were regularly faced with aggressive and violent behaviour from a minority of the protesters, some of it even more violent than that shown in those brief clips.”

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12 responses

24 04 2012
bob e

uaf…what a pile of hemorhoids…christ

love the St Georges flags

24 04 2012

They don’t like it ” up em ” pike hahahaha

24 04 2012
Walter Greenway

I have it on good authority that Urinate Against Freedom (UAF) wish to be known henceforth as (UFA) Utterly Farcical Anarchists.

24 04 2012

This just shows the huggery of the UAF and the lengths they will go to by attacking women and children.
As for “complaining” what a load of whinging wimps the scum they are.

24 04 2012

“Caroline Lucas, the Green MP for Brighton Pavilion”

So this sack of excrement was more concerned that the ones who were causing the violence were getting filled in by ob?

Meanwhile the innocent patriots who were out to celebrate nothing more sinister than being English were being attacked because of some idiotic notion by the mindless set of freaks who turned out to violently oppose what was essentially a family day out?

What a stupid woman who despite being a ‘green’ is showing her true colours.

24 04 2012

We are opposed to the machinations of the reactionary imperialists and aim to bring down the power structure which is held together by the fascist pigs.

But….ahem….excuse me Mr. Officer would you be so kind as to arrest the nasty nazi because they called me a horrible name!

24 04 2012

what a bunch of crybaby pussys the uaf are,you dont mind throwing fucking bottles at 10 year old girls but when you get whats coming to you its all crying like ladyboys,if i was the police i would of fired plastic bullets at your thick braindead heads,you fucking wankers.

24 04 2012

do you recognise any of these ponces with rucksacks on the you tube clip,,,do they live on any of are working class council estates..,they look like a bunch of middle class leafy surburb living university students types,,,could they be living amongst to have a word with them about the attacks on them women and children,,,,peacefull of course…
,how did they think by wanting to beat up women and children would make them look hard,its obvious they would run a mike if they come up against real working class men,,,.as or caroline lucas and the other left wing cretins,why are you supporting violence,…if it was the other way around which it was not,would you be supporting the mfe,,maybe mrs lucas deserves a ittle demo outside her offices and a apology is demanded of her for the women and children and police officers who got attacked..

25 04 2012

caroline lucas is talking green bollocks,the police in brighton showed complete restraint that no other police force in the world would of done when these uaf cowards started attacking them,but i think the polices patience ran out when they witnessed women and children being bricked and bottled and i think the uaf scum got off lightly with a few baton smack downs and pepper spray,,the french,italian or us polices forces would of beat them bitches to a pulp if they faced this onslaught of violence against them and women and children,here is the thing,,we support are police forces,,the uaf hate them.

25 04 2012
Keith Moore

Jean Calder told The Angus, ”They (the police) should also be able to tell the difference between protesters who are law abiding and those who are not”. I think on this occasion they did Jean. Dibble battered those who were not ‘law-abiding’.

25 04 2012
25 04 2012

bout time the ob just pulled out and left the lefties to us. anyone who has been in a UAF demo for a bit of fun knows how quiet they go when theres no coppers to protect them. no suprise either that we hear of yet more child abuse when the far left are mentioned either. attacking children from behind the police – how fucking hard – antifahahahaha what a complete joke and embarrassment to themselves and the entire country.

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