EDL demo at the Home Office April 17th

6 04 2012


Assembly points will be messaged out as soon as confirmed. France deport their terror suspects why cant we?

We will be marching to the Home Office to show our disgust , about their reluctance to deport this hate preacher and terrorist. Muster points tbc following police liasion.

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9 responses

6 04 2012
Tony Davis

At last, this scum in Westminster are more dangerous than Choudary and scumbags!!!

6 04 2012
Idjut Bungmewonga

Leicester councillor facing probe after criticising muslims ; http://www.thisisleicestershire.co.uk/story-15736520-detail/story.html

6 04 2012

The British are concerned that this hate preacher will be tortured or won’t have a fair trial if returned to Jordan so, why can’t he be tried in the UK by Jordanian Judges overseen by UK legal experts ? I have written to my MP asking this question but have had no reply as yet,,,if there is any idiot left in Westminster who thinks that Islam is peaceful or that this man is not a danger to the UK then we the Patriots of this country should write to all our MP’s and put them right about how we feel about the dangers of Islam a criminal cult of rape and death.

6 04 2012
Paris Claims

The British are concerned that this hate preacher will be tortured or won’t have a fair trial if returned to Jordan ……

I’m not concered in the slightest

6 04 2012
paul collins

Qatada is an illegal in this country. The only thing keeping him in this country is an uninforcable ruling by a foriegn court. The fact he remains in Britian shows our ruling Elite have some other political agenda. There is absolutly no reason whatso ever why he cannot be put on a plane and sent back to Jordan. A country with which we have very good relations.
This govenment is giving the ECHR powers it doesn’t have. The implications of that course of action are wide ranging. And don’t take a lot of working out.
Misbehave in this country and a foriegn court will pass judgement on you. And you will have no right of appeal.

6 04 2012

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2124712/George-Galloways-wife-Rima-Husseini-mother-new-baby-says-theyre-wed.html,,haaa haa haaa ha hooooo hooo hooo omg what a slimey piece of trash is this man.

6 04 2012
can you hear what i am saying?

thats terrible news,he should not be tortured under any circumstances,he should be hanged or shot.

6 04 2012
bob e

casuals are the best. savin’ our children..savin’ our bacon !!!

8 04 2012

Palestinian leader wins UK deportation appeal

British immigration tribunal rules in favour of Sheikh Raed Salah in appeal against government’s deportation order.


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