Anarchist cretins in Bolton check them out

27 03 2012


This is the quite frankly AWESOME “firm” that did absolutely NOTHING against the NWI in Bolton on Saturday. Check them out. Unless the tall one (who is wearing what looks like ballet shoes) is six foot seven, which is highly unlikely, everyone else in this pic is tiny. Theres a Jesus looking tramp with a flagon of cider in the middle, and a couple of small children at the front. I can assure you that if these people actually encountered the NWI or CXF they would shit themselves totally. They knew the NWI would be surrounded by police, went there, had their photos taken, smashed nobody then went home and typed a load of guff about antifacists ruling the streets. What an absolute joke. One day they will walk around the wrong corner and they will find out the hard way that their behaviour has been silly. Ive seen UAF isolated and coming unstuck, it wasnt pretty.




Below “The dream team”

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26 responses

27 03 2012

That tall one shit himself when two of us confronted him and his two mates in Liverpool.

27 03 2012

Poofs, pissheads, druggies and dropouts.
Oooh I’m scared!

27 03 2012

Loyalist – NFS Ever -

27 03 2012
Mohammed's gay lover

Excuse me but I am the tall one, I am also a queer pedo islamist :)

27 03 2012
Terence Cope

What a joke.
Is this all they can muster.
Roll on D DAY.

27 03 2012

Er… they gays have been standing against islam for more than most people. Peter Tatchell was getting beaten up by them, and death threats from them 20 years ago.

The anti-islam gay communist Pim Fortuyn was assassinated by a tree-hugger days before a general election in Holland that would have brought his Fortuyn’s party to power in 2002 – . Fortuyn had more support in the Netherlands than Geert Wilders has, and Fortuyn knew he was going to be assassinated, but he didn’t go into hiding, he just carried on. How many of us would do that? He risked his life for the chance to stop the further islamisation of Holland. It would be a very different country if he had won the election in 2002.

Douglas Murray is gay – he defended EDL at a conference run by ex-muslim communists, and put them in their place –

So lay off the queers. Like Douglas Murray says in defending EDL “we need everyone in this fight”.

27 03 2012

So shite and the seven dwarfs?

27 03 2012

27 03 2012

What a mob of misfits and creeps, A gang of Mummy’s boys and Girls playing at politics. I don’t think they realize just how serious we are about what’s going on in our land, and if they mess around with the wrong people, they’ll see an entirely new aspect to life….. a vista from ” Der Krankenhausen Bett”

27 03 2012
bob evers

looks like they already “shit themselves”…you all are sooo cool.
bravest, most beautiful & wonderful people on the planet. Brits…
st george is always in my heart thanks to you…


28 03 2012

there about as scary as the tellytubbys

28 03 2012

They look like wanker versions of actual fascists the hopeless tosspots. Don’t they get embarrassed flouncing about like that? They don’t wear masks to look like terrorists they wear them out of straight up shame. They take their fashion cues from Adolf and Benito. Laughable!

28 03 2012

Notice how the pictures are always cropped to make them look like a bigger crowd. As far as there concerned they went to Bolton and had a happy snap to put on there shite webpages,now they can go back too there smelly student digs. The council should of hosed the scum of the street like they do with dog shit. Like people say one day they’ll “the fash” and it wont be pretty,antifa ha ha ha.

28 03 2012

The last bunch of wankers to use the title anti fascist action had more seconds than Oliver Twist if you could catch them .

28 03 2012
28 03 2012
Keith Moore

Why, oh why are ALL the anti’s and other red scum, white? Traitor bastards ought to swing. NFSE.

28 03 2012
Idjut Bungmewonga

6000 girls sexually exploited by gangs ; ; the anarchists are against girls being sexually exploited, so they can take action against these gangs …right ?!

29 03 2012

I thought for a moment that was 6,000 girls being abused by muslim gangs, but by the look of the description, it is all manner of gangs.

It is truly disgusting the way those in control of this society have allowed the cities and towns to rot.

We need a revolution. And there are hundreds of big-wigs who need be put on trial and executed.

28 03 2012


28 03 2012

saying that under 20 is a good turnout PMSL.

29 03 2012

these dressed in black waffen ss national socalists hiding there faces are the same low life keyboard warriors who posts threats of violence on face book and twitter..why do these yellow belly cowards always hide there faces,,what have they got to hide..

29 03 2012

Too right. If a disabled old man like me can face down 4 of these lot, then we’d only need about 3 casuals/edl to scare them shitless.

29 03 2012
30 03 2012
Idjut Bungmewonga

Another example of immigrant gangs – this time “yardies” rather than muslims – preying on vulnerable girls, I think this sort of thing is going on more than is reported, and as well as interviewing girls from children’s homes to see if they have been exploited, the police and care professions should also investigate this.

31 03 2012

lol look like a bunch of kids…u can tell they would run if challenged

if they didnt run…they would hesitate looking at the person next to them to see wot their doing…

their running lol…and if they aint…they should be

1 04 2012

The spineless anarchist from Liverpool says that the “bolton anarchists” were in fact bussed in from Liverpool and Brighton.

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