Demo in Dewsbury as Jihadist attends court for insulting our war dead

20 03 2012

Demo as court hears Facebook soldier deaths slur charge

About 50 protesters, some holding placards, gathered outside the court
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Protesters gathered outside a court as a teenager was accused of posting an offensive Facebook message about the deaths of six British soldiers.

Azhar Ahmed, 19, of Fir Avenue, Ravensthorpe, appeared at Dewsbury Magistrates’ Court charged under the Communications Act 2003.

A racially-aggravated public order charge was withdrawn at the hearing and Mr Ahmed denied the new charge.


He was bailed to appear before Huddersfield magistrates on 3 July.

Mr Ahmed is charged with sending a message that was grossly offensive on 8 March.

There was a large police presence outside court as about 50 protesters staged a noisy demonstration when the defendant arrived and left.

Some of the protesters held placards – featuring the name of the paramilitary group Combined Ex-Forces – calling for those who insult British armed forces to be jailed.

Azhar Ahmed is charged with sending a message that was grossly offensive
The six soldiers were killed by an improvised explosive device in Lashkar Gah on 6 March in the deadliest single attack on British forces in Afghanistan since 2001.

Sgt Nigel Coupe, 33, of 1st Battalion The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment was killed alongside Cpl Jake Hartley, 20, Pte Anthony Frampton, 20, Pte Christopher Kershaw, 19, Pte Daniel Wade, 20, and Pte Daniel Wilford, 21, all of 3 Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment.

Mr Ahmed’s court appearance coincided with the repatriation of the soldiers’ bodies, which were being flown to RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire.

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8 responses

20 03 2012
bob evers

can they wrap his head in a bag of glue & throw him in the thames ??

21 03 2012

great to see concerned citixens peacefully but vibrantly protesting against those who think they can insult are war dead from the safety of facebook or twitter,,the message must out loud and clear to the islamists and far left commie haters of are troops and lands,,your behaviour wont be tolerated by concerned citixens anymore..

21 03 2012
bcfc…great story from my city lads and girls.lets get this rolled out countrywide and force all councils to put are troops first and not are haters..

21 03 2012

I’ve just found another of these muslim sex gang cases is going on in Dewsbury too. How many of these places have these things been happening? It seems to be spread all across the midlands and north-west.

21 03 2012

the lying scum bbc and sky news banged for 2 days ABOUT THE SHOOTINGS IN FRANCE of jewish children and soldiers being carried out by far white racist neo nazis groups,,have a guess was nothing to do with with white people or the so called far right and it was islamic muslim racists who carried out these filthy racist crimes,,see what liars the media are,,i bet the scum was even looking for links betreen the edl and the shootings in france but we all knew it was muslims behind the shootings in france and nothing to do with white people..never trust the lying scum media..

21 03 2012
21 03 2012
21 03 2012

who do you think that the ugly looking azhar ahmed who in in court up on racially aggravated charges was talking to on his mobile phone ? anjem choudary lol

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