Left wing losers attempt to get family fun day in Brighton attacked

14 03 2012

Left wing morons in Brighton are attempting to incite people to attack the March for England parade in Brighton, an event which is nothing to do with “racism” but is a celebration of Englishness and always has families in attendance. Last year a small group of degenerates shouted abuse and threw bottles at the children. These people hate patriotism but thankfully are a pathetic minority. Go on MFE, we know you wont let these mugs deter you.



Click link for their message of hate


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20 responses

14 03 2012

Whats mfe?

14 03 2012
Idjut Bungmewonga

Here is something the Brighton anti fascists can campaign about if they hate fascism ; http://english.alarabiya.net/articles/2012/03/14/200577.html

14 03 2012

March For England.

14 03 2012

If it continues like this, Soon in England it will be Strictly Forbidden to Be English or even it’s like for some, it’s already a shame to be one, and in a absurd way they are making it so.
This has to stop!


14 03 2012
bob evers

this is all so awful…I can’t believe it when I check in. Un freakin’
real. What is so insane, is that the idiots in power think they are going to skate on this population replacement disaster. Man… are
they in for a suprise.

14 03 2012

What a bunch of cabbages!

14 03 2012

MFE is March For England. Mainly a family group of people (plenty of women/mothers with children) who are proud to be English and generally have a march, around the time of St.George’s day.

No political message, just people from all walks of life expressing their appreciation of England.

However, the Lefties aren’t happy with people being happy with being English and celebrating St.George’s day. And before the Lefties try to start, I’m not even English, I’m Welsh and they wouldn’t dare try and stop a St.David’s day parade.

14 03 2012

you would of thought these knuckle dragging far left redneck commies who protect islamic extremists and muslim paedophile rings would of got the message by now,,clear off with your russian red hammer and sickle flags and your che guevara tee shirts,,go on little red necks..buzz off..shooo

15 03 2012

what yellow bellied cowards the communist haters of england these lot are,they have little or no numbers so they are trying to get other people out to to do there dirty work,,did the uaf not try that when they tried to get muslims on there side because the uaf had no support apart from a few hardcore commies 50 or so and a hungry dog that looked like it has not been fed for days…even the muslims knew they was being used by the commies,,botten line is uaf/islam4uk was shown the red card and defeated by strenth in numbers and unity,,note that mfe

15 03 2012
15 03 2012
15 03 2012
Andrew Chapman

pedro in rochdale the imams told the scummy uaf to sling their hook,after they started they are going to burn down the mosque kill muslims etc etc and the uaf got attacked by muslim youth they were heard bleating but we are on your side,haha karma at its best

20 03 2012

At the demo in Harrow in 2009 over the building of the mega-mosque there, the UAF were chanting over a megaphone: “The Nazis are Coming to Burn Down your Mosque”. The police did nothing to stop this, when clearly it was behaviour that would lead to public disorder. I heard a middle-class white woman standing with the UAF say “we are hoping there will be a riot”. There was a riot – and they caused it. When 1500 muslims attacked the 200 or so police who were there, there was no EDL, no SIOE. The muslim mob attacked random white passers-by. The UAF quickly packed up and scarpered, once they’d set off the riot.

The UAF deserve nothing but physical violence — that is what they attempt to incite, so that is what they deserve to receive. “As you sow, so shall you reap.”

18 03 2012
21 03 2012

I was at the demo outside the Harrow Mosque taking photo’s they did not know I was EDL

21 03 2012
Andrew Chapman

i can honestly say i hate to see anything in pain,bird animal insect,but i could gladly watch this leftist scum be burned on a slow light at the stake,absolute fucking dog excrement,and those ugly women lefties its like they fell out of the ugly tree and hit every fucking branch on the way down no wonder they get off with each other dinning on each others ear wax,god,foul stinking bacteria they are,i bet in the morning they throw their knickers at the wall and if they don,t stick they pass as clean.

27 03 2012

Reblogged this on Casuals United Blog.

27 03 2012

Don’t worry about the UAF on that day, i think there are some paedos in court that day they’ll be there supporting the paedos.

29 03 2012

The Indigenous Defence League are in Brighton you might have seen some of our stickers around under the name of Wakey Wakey time anonymous.
telling locals to watch out for Muslim paedos. and to boycot their shops We have an active agent in brighton.
Daks [ stopping colonsation ]

16 04 2012

My mates and I will be proud to attend the March For England in Brighton. Don’t let the anti-Patriotic ‘Unite Against Fascism’ and Searchlight get you down. BE PROUD TO BE ENGLISH!


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