South Yorkshire nonces breath a sigh of relief #rotherham

31 10 2014

South Yorkshire’s beleaguered paedophile grooming gangs breathed a collective sigh of relief this afternoon as Labour won the Police and Crime Commissioner by-election. One local shopkeeper, busy stocking up with alcopops, said the result meant it was “business as usual” and a great boost to the local economy in the run up to Christmas.

“People were very scared when all of this got out, but we can trust Labour and the media to sweep it all back under the carpet just so long as we keep voting for them, after all they’ve got just as much to lose as us”.

Local taxis firms were also pleased with Labour’s success as it gives the green light for the expansion of Doncaster’s Robin Hood Airport, soon to be renamed Jimmy Savile Airport. “Child sex tourists from across the world will be attracted to Rotherham” said one driver “it can be an internationally renowned centre of noncery and with the most experienced guides in the world”.

SDL Glasgow demo change

30 10 2014

following a meeting with the police to confirm final details of our march, they have told us that it is impossible for them to facilitate our march on the 22nd as they do not have the resources to police it due to football and other processions which have already been approved that day. They have told us that if we decide to stick to the date of the 22nd that they will have no choice but to officially oppose our march application to Glasgow councils licensing board, this means the council would ban our procession and we would be reduced to a static demonstration. Even if we go for a static demo on the 22nd the police have said they may have to issue all our supporters with section 60 dispersal orders at the train station, this would effectively cancel the static demo and the day would be a non event. Apologies to anyone who has made travel arrangements for the 22nd. Our hands are tied on this, the 29th is the only date they are willing to offer us. We have no choice but to accept the date change in order to get our procession and bring maximum coverage and exposure to the police and councils coverup of the grooming gangs in the city. The 29th at 2.30pm is the final details and these will not change.

Fear of being called racist destroyed 1400 children as police did nothing #rotherham

29 10 2014

Men took their pleasure as sexual exploitation became a way of life for many Rotherham children. Police watched it happen.
The town’s district commander for a four-year period from 2001, during which police ignored a series of warnings about the growing scale and severity of offending, was Detective Chief Superintendent Christine Burbeary.
As commander, she played a leading role in a community cohesion task force, set up to combat Islamophobia after the September 2001 terrorist attacks. Although Muslims represented less than 4 per cent of the local population she opened Islamic prayer rooms in two police stations.
Ms Burbeary, now aged 65, has been accused by specialist workers of turning a deaf ear to repeated pleas for action against groups of men, mainly of Pakistani origin, who were using and selling young white girls for sex.
A senior officer who has since retired told The Times that the publication of the Macpherson report in 1999, labelling the Metropolitan police “institutionally racist”, had a paralysing effect on other forces. “To be accused of being racist is the biggest problem a police officer can have. In South Yorkshire, you feared to tread in certain areas because of the racial dimensions. Self-appointed community leaders became very powerful and you upset them at your peril. To avoid such problems, some senior officers went the other way.”
The commander is said to have verbally attacked a researcher, who was funded by the Home Office and whose letter warned the force’s chief constable in 2001 that police in Rotherham were not doing enough to “protect children at risk and target their abusers”.
She was also involved in attempts to amend sections of a report in which brothers from a family of Pakistani origin were linked to sex offences against 54 young girls.
Serving under Ms Burbeary was Inspector Anita McKenzie, who also retired in 2005. She headed the district’s community safety unit and received monthly reports from youth workers. These contained offenders’ names, mobile phone numbers, home addresses and the locations where abuse took place. It is believed that none of the reports led to a prosecution.
The intelligence was apparently entered into “Box 5” of the force’s computer network. This was said to be a secure system designed to protect the source’s identity … a grading of intelligence known as “level 5”, which permits access to confidential material on a “need-to-know basis”… said (to be) an effective way to handle sex-grooming intelligence and that it also protected victims… but in practice it meant, according to one member of staff, that it “disappeared into a black hole and was never seen again”. Few police officers were permitted access to the information and most were unaware of its existence.

Labour Party – No action for two full months!

28 10 2014


Rotherham needs action

Originally posted on Rotherham Politics:

It is now two months, since Prof Jay’s damning report into the past failures in Rotherham was published. The continuing problems she exposed afflict our Town, even today and go unrecognised and unpunished.

There is still much to learn from Alexis Jay’s Report and from the HASC Latest update, for all who are involved in setting matters right. Both reports will repay careful study, please read them yourself.

Child sexual exploitation covers a multitude of separate, but linked issues, that have not yet been explored fully.

  • Vulnerable girls are first identified from those who are not
  • They are then given the attention that they have craved
  • Their vulnerabilities are exploited, until total dependence is achieved
  • They are then used as child prostitutes
  • Trafficked to other Towns and Cities, by means of Taxis
  • Eventually to be discarded when they become too old for further use

The victims have yet to…

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Eleven groomers arrested in Manchester

28 10 2014

Eleven arrested amid child sexual exploitation inquiry

Eleven people have been arrested as part of a crackdown on child sexual exploitation in Greater Manchester.

Police said six warrants had been executed and 11 people aged between 19 and 38 were arrested.

The alleged offences include sexual activity with a child, attempted indecent assault, inciting a child into prostitution, abduction and rape.

Police said the action followed intervention work in the Longsight area

Isis threatens to kill British jihadis wanting to come home

26 10 2014


This is to be encouraged

Originally posted on New Day Starts:

‘At least 30’ Britons seek to flee Islamic State as it is revealed that a fourth young Muslim from Portsmouth has died in Syria
Muhammad Mehdi Hassan
The death of Muhammad Mehdi Hassan, 19, from Portsmouth, was announced on Saturday. He is understood to have died during the Isis offensive to capture the city of Kobani.

British jihadi fighters desperate to return home from Syria and Iraq are being issued with death threats by the leadership of Islamic State (Isis), the Observer has learned.

A source with extensive contacts among Syrian rebel groups said senior Isis figures were threatening Britons who were attempting to travel home. He said: “There are Britons who upon wanting to leave have been threatened with death, either directly or indirectly.”

The news comes after it was revealed that another young Muslim from Portsmouth had been killed on the frontline in Syria, the fourth to die from a group…

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Pompey nonce wanted #portsmouth

23 10 2014

Police today issued this CCTV image of two men they want to speak to after a sexual assault on a 16-year-old girl in Portsmouth.

Police revealed that the girl was touched inappropriately by a man as she walked near St John’s College in Southsea between 3 and 3.25pm on Friday, October 10..

Officers say the girl was uninjured but shaken by the incident.

Detective Constable Mark Brockman said: “This incident happened in daylight in a busy area of Southsea. I would appeal to anyone who may have witnessed the incident or can help us identify the men in the CCTV image to contact us.”


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