MFE Brighton “here come the men in black” #edl #uaf #sea

18 04 2014


Well done all those countering Choudrey at Regents Park Mosque #edl #mfe #sea

18 04 2014

jihadjihad1WE GO

New number plate #5w #mfe #brighton

18 04 2014


Well done #Sheffield patriots #edl #uaf

18 04 2014

Well done the footsoldiers of Sheffield for disrupting the fascist UAF. See the linked story where a spokesman for UAF is grizzling about people “not respecting freedom of speech”. My GOD you could not make it up. Their meeting is about stopping other people having free speech. Jeez

Katie 5w

Full story below

#Bristol demonstration Thursday May 8th

18 04 2014

E-mail sent to Bristol Council

Morning. Please take this as official notification of our intention to hold a static demonstration in Silver Street, Bristol on the evening of Thursday May the 8th. We will assemble from 6pm onwards. This is in response to a meeting at the Station, Silver Street in which several individuals, including at least one elected Cllr intend to plan attacks on UKIP as part of a national hate campaign against a party taking part in the democratic process.

Several groups are involved, local EDL, BDL, NWI and other concerned citizens. We do not intend to march, demo will be static. Any questions or concerns please email me. Thanks


See links below for our concerns


Here are the “normal” people opposing #MFE #Brighton

18 04 2014

Lefties try to say they are “normal” people opposing racism, and by racism they mean anyone who dares try to be patriotic. The truth is they hate Britain and despise our soldiers and support baby killers like Gerry Adams here. #scum


The mentality of a typical lefty #edl #bnp #uaf

18 04 2014

Getting excited just because theres a black man in a pub and saying “multiculturalism rocks” jesus chirst, heres the mentality of your lefty. Go ask him nicely im sure he’ll let you suck him off lol



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