Well done this weekends #Brighton posse #mfe #edl

16 04 2014

A good social in Brighton last weekend to plan accommodation and travel etc for the forthcoming March for England on Sunday April 27th. Found some interesting stickers around the gaff too. “Love fighting”? You couldn’t fight sleep 5w



Judge dismisses banning orders for #MFE #Brighton as illegal #edl

10 04 2014

Big up the Judge who refused to grant corrupt CPS banning orders trying to ban British Citizens from Brighton on the weekend of April 27th. The judge dismissed them as ILLEGAL and UNDEMOCRATIC. Why do the CPS never try to ban violent wankers like Antifa from places where they KNOW they are going to cause trouble? Oh yeah, the CPS prides itself on its diversity. I forgot.”must try harder”.

5Words “We go where we want”



Even lefty pages are calling him a fat idiot lol #edl #swansea #uaf

8 04 2014


Comic book guy spotted in Swansea #uaf #sheffield

8 04 2014

Heres Comic book guy https://www.facebook.com/gareth.bromhall?fref=ts in Swansea with Sheffield Commie/Journalist Sarah Marshall, the girl who danced on the fountain and throw the Lee Rigby flowers around.


Cowley club Brightons MI5 mole – reblogged #edl #mfe

7 04 2014

This is Richard Purcell from the Cowley club in Brighton, the guy who tried to attack Tommy and Kev today and was responsible for their arrests. What is interesting about this mug is, he runs the Cowley Club in Brighton which is basically HQ for attacks on the EDO arms factory, and is base for loads of Anarchist and leftist groups. When I came across this article, being a student of politics and having written essays on political extremism and the states response, it strikes me that this man is perfectly suited to being an MI5 mole. Just like the moles they had in c18 where they allowed Panorama to expose them to boost their credibility with their targets, see the article below and the amount of shit hes into. This man travels all over to all manner of demos, where does he get the money? Today he was working for his masters providing an excuse for getting the troublesome EDL off the streets. I bet he wont be charged. This man is in the pay of MI5. The other copper infiltrated the lefties for 7 years. Think it over.


Reblogged. his mate the fat one in red is Dan Cole, Smash EDO person and other state agent




Police spotter card G: Richard Purssell

Age 38, landscape gardener
guardian.co.uk, Tuesday 27 October 2009 17.25 GMT
Police spotter card G Richard PurssellPolice spotter card G Richard Purssell Photograph: Public DomainHas been involved in arms trade, climate change and animal rights campaigns.
“When I went to the demonstration against the DSEI arms fair back in 2005, two officers from the Forward Intelligence Team followed me around all day. They followed me into a fruit and veg shop, they followed me into a newsagent. They followed me two miles north of the demonstration into a housing estate.

“They walk next to you, making sarky comments. It’s meant to be demoralising. They have a power over you as they can arrest you. It is an approach calculated to induce paranoia.

“They are there to intimidate you from protesting, from being part of the awkward squad. There is a clear message that they are onto you.

“I don’t think that anyone should be on these cards. They are not designed to catch people committing crime – they are bullying, pure and simple.

“The authorities are resorting to these tactics because there is an increasing groundswell of dissent around issues like Iraq, Afghanistan, climate change and the international arms trade. The major thrust of new public order law and police practice is to stifle dissent at what is a very difficult time for the neo-liberal, neo-conservative consensus.”


If you stole £5000 from work you’d be in prison #mariamiller #crook

6 04 2014


Commie arrested for street robbery in Swansea #edl #evf #sea #mfe

6 04 2014

This is the lefty who tried to snatch a patriot girls handbag yesterday in Swansea and got nicked for street robbery. Shame



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