Anti #MFE protesters links to the IRA

21 04 2014

Some people in Brighton may think they are standing up against “fascists” when what they are actually doing is attacking a St Georges Day parade. Also the people behind Stop MFE are IRA supporters and are using thick people as cannon fodder.

See link below and note the fenian colours they chose for the anti MFE banner. This is the type of bod behind it, ALEX Shaw, muslim convert who supports Anjem Choudrey, thinks Lee Rigby had it coming and reads the Communist Manifesto. Very normal and British he is.



Dirk used to share a squat in south London with Birkbeck student Seamus Colligan / O’Colgan. Seamus produces many of the commie banners used at March for England in Brighton – see pics

Bonus point – Colligan’s dad Sean used to bomb people for the IRA

Commie video promoting violence for #Brighton #MFE

21 04 2014

Bristol demo update #bdl #edl #mfe

20 04 2014

The venue, the Station,(lefty hangout) in Silver Street, Bristol are denying this event, saying that they have no booking for this date. The guy posting it is a well known Bristol Commie the geriatric Martin Upchurch. So old hes got one foot in the grave the other on a banana skin. We will be meeting at Silver Street from 6pm Thursday May 8th to counter this, and many groups are involved.


We go where we want

An Evening of Anti- Racism, Music, Film, Spoken Word and Food to Stand up to UKIP.
Featuring- Nigel Costley (Regional Sec. of South West TUC), Aaron Kiely (National Union of Students), Hibaq Jama (Labour Councillor), Weyman Bennett (UAF) and more tbc.
Supported by North Somerset National Union of Teachers, Bristol Unite Health Branch, and Unite Against Fascism.
£3 entry (free to unwaged and students).

Commies chatting shite about Worthing lol #mfe #brighton

20 04 2014

Commies rattling on about Worthing lol yes a lot of patriots stay in Worthing, since large numbers of ours in Brighton the night before would make police shite themselves and remove us from the town as has been done previously. The left have known about Worthing and other towns nearby for the last three years and have never gone there and tried to attack us. Why? Because the fact is they only want to fight and scream blue murder when they know police are there in numbers to break it up. Simple as that. Last year 60 drank in Worthing for 3 nights and didn’t see a single lefty.

Katie Carnage 5w


I thought Anjem Choudrey was despised by “moderate Muslims”? #edl #bnp

20 04 2014

On Friday around 60 patriots from various groups attended Regents Park Mosque to counter a demo by hate preacher Anjem Choudrey. Now lefties keep telling us that Choudrey is despised by normal Muslims and they wont entertain him. Funny that as around 1000 of them were there with him and all joined in with his chanting.None of them rejected him at all. They all love him and agree with his message of hate against the west. Well done those who opposed him. See you in Brighton.

Katie Carnage



MFE Brighton “here come the men in black” #edl #uaf #sea

18 04 2014


Well done all those countering Choudrey at Regents Park Mosque #edl #mfe #sea

18 04 2014

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